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Under the Wide Palermo Sky


Under the Wide Palermo Sky

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Mario and Luciano are twin brothers trying to scratch a dishonest living in the slums of Palermo. Mario is wild, dangerous, and a natural leader; Luciano is his brother’s nervous shadow, reluctantly following him in all things. When the twins rob and kill a shopkeeper, Mario thinks they are going up in the world. He longs to be recognized by the Mafia hierarchy and will do anything to achieve his aim.

The brothers move on to an ambitious bank heist and a bloody shootout in the streets of Palermo. With more money than they ever imagined, they flee across the sea to Libya to hideout. This proves to be a momentous voyage with dramatic, unforeseen consequences, that will change the life of each man forever.

Under the Wide Palermo Sky is hard-nosed and hard-hitting, full of dramatic set pieces and plot twists that bring to life the violent world of Mario and Luciano.