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Bet on Me (Bet on Love) – This Is An Entertaining Love Story!


Bet on Me (Bet on Love) – This Is An Entertaining Love Story!

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This book is as entertaining as the first book. Britte, Ellie’s absolute friend and roommate is attracted to Ellie’s brother Beckett. anyhow, Britte has the idea that Beckett is a player, since Beckett was a famous baseball player while his undergrad years, and therefore, Beckett was the best in campus. So Beckett produces his move and is smacked down.

Beckett, aware of being pursued, not having to pursue, Beckett opens his eyes, and sees Britte. Britte and Becketts progress by means of their ad hoc dates, Beckett observed that Britte is brilliant and beautiful and spunky, inside and out. Beckett is captivated by Britte’s brain, her attitude and her snarkiness. Beckett is smitten and Britte is running scared. Britte has commitment issues for the reason that her mother left her when she was 8 year old.

Even though Britte had an excellent life and was living with her father, Britte requires control and has a plan to succeed in her career as a physician. Beckett threatens those plans. On the other hand, Beckett is at a crossroads, between pursuing his MA in Business and a career in promotion, or pursuing his love of baseball. Beckett is sensitive and introspective. We get to see Beckett change as he goes by means of life, trying to comprehend his wants and desires.

And I’m not just talking about his love life. Beckett does a difficult course change in his professional and family life furthermore. It is a joy to see a masculine persona have vulnerability and not lose his attractiveness. Beckett is wise, charming and has an ego to endorse it. But deep inside he is just as unsure as everyone else. although this is the second book in the Bet on Love series, you can read it as a stand alone.

I enjoyed Britte and Becketts story cant wait to read Lennox and Graysons stories! Rachel Higginson is a phenomenal author! I have read almost all of Rachel’s books and I’m working on reading them all! This is a good book. Real people. Real issues for both hero and heroine to work by means of. And Britte and Becketts did. It is well written and well paced during.

I loved this book even more than the first one! This book is a good love story with a few meat and it provided just what is necessary. This is a rapid read that will keep readers impressed from start to finish, It is also an excellent read! I cannot wait for the following book in the series!! I love connecting characters from several stories and reading their journey to love! This stoy is just amazing!!

Customers can buy this book in the following formats: MP3 CD – Audiobook,MP3 Audio,Unabridged format and they can download and share this review Here .