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African Kaizer – The absolute Book And A Very Good Read About The First World War.


African Kaizer – The absolute Book And A Very Good Read About The First World War.

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A very good read about the first world war. Gaudi has discovered a forgotten war within a war we are forgetting and brought it vividly to life. In this bizarro campaign of the First World War you find yourself rooting for the racially tolerant and adaptive Germans contrary the racist and hierarchical Brits. The fact that this story is so obscure turns it fascinating, but Gaudi’s knack for telling it turns it hugely enjoyable, a page turner, and well-worth reading.

I have been a fan of von Lettow ever since as a boy. Since then I have read numerous books on the war in German East Africa. This is the absolute by far! Not only is it impressively detailed, it is the result of for sure much analysis, but it is additionally an impressively easy read. Mr. Gaudi’s writing style intersperses the military details of the campaigns with most attractive factual asides that surely bring the story to life.

I markedly recommend this book. It is an excellent book on WWI in a theater that most people are unfamiliar with. This book gives a good environment on both Lettow-Vorbeck & history of Germany’s entry into the colonial scramble.

This is one of the absolute book, that I have ever read. This story is fascinating and it is magnificently advised. This book, in my perspective, ranks right up there with the story of Shackleton. It is an excellent book filled with adventure. You kick off thinking how such men existed in such a difficult time in history. You’ll additionally wonder why we permit people like lettow just fade into the environment of history

I am neither a fan of history nor of war books, but I love marvelous writing. This book is marvelous writing. Gaudi realizes how to turn a term like few authors. I’ll be reading whatever he writes. (Where has he been all these years??? There are so few writers who undoubtedly know their craft…..)

This is a well written research of a small known theater in world war 1. Gaudi’s description of the soldier’s privations all through the campaign are vivid. This is a notably intriguing and beautifully written book. It produces you to need to understand more about colonial history of Africa.

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